“Live outside your comfort zone. Leave no trace, but make your mark.”

Jesse Vachon is a visual storytellerdesignermulti-genre artist and accomplished senior project leader.


His design and development work aligns brand and bottomline growth with consumer interest and opportunity. He has led multi-million dollar programs and global initiatives for major brands including Hallmark, Burger King, Disney, WalMart, Toys R Us, Sony, Hasbro, Paramount and many more.

His diverse creative storytelling captures an inescapable sense of conflict between natural and manmade environments depicting intimate, emotional imagery reflecting the world around us with empathic, visual storytelling that connects with modern consumers. He has worked with fashion and entertainment industry icons including Russell James, Marissa Miller & Bruce Hulse.

  1. BE RELEVANT – Right time. Right place. Right format.
  2. MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL – Storytelling with aesthetic value that you can’t look away from.
  3. BUILD COMMUNITY – Motivate people to take action & get involved.

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